Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Getting to the Core

Some people exercise.

I eat chocolate and ride my pony.

So, when I was told there would be an exercise night at my coach's barn with a new athletic therapist in our area, I was all over it! (Put anything with horses and I am there, basically.)

I ran out and bought exercise pants (paired nicely with my favorite rubber boots--it was in a barn) and headed out for an evening of using muscles that don't want to be used.

Plaid forever <3

After a bit of classroom learning time, we laid down our yoga mats/horse blankets and got to work.

We learned all about strengthening our core and developing the muscles we need to be better riders. We also learned about preventing future pain with correct use of our body.

Some of the exercises we were working on.

It was a great mix of biomechanics for riding and torture exercises geared towards improving balance, posture and equitation on the horse.
I hate you, plank.

Needless to say, I am hurting. so. much.

Next session is with horses. Really, I can't wait.  ;)


  1. fun! somehow putting it in a barn makes it a zillion times more inviting than in a gym lol

    1. I know right? I never would have went if it was in a gym. And the horses were so adorable watching us in their stalls--they were all like WTF?