Savvy is an Arab crossed with a mystery. I found her when I was not supposed to be horse shopping. She was just $300, not really started in any way besides a halter, and had not had her feet done...ever? I clicked with her instantly from the first time I led her when I went to see her. It was very strange for me, as I am not like that usually.
On paper, she would not be my type of horse!
#1: I don't like arabs!
#2: Well, I really don't like arabs.
Still, here she is and I LOVE her. I am slowly chipping away at her training when I have spare time and perhaps someday the kids can ride her in Pony Club. That's the dream at any rate.

2016 Update: Who knew she would have me buying a dressage saddle and stealing my kids horse? Well, she still has a long way to go before being 'kid broke', so I guess in the meantime I will keep on enjoying having Savvy all to myself. Besides, the kids have Meyla...:)

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