Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Monty Hall Problem

It has been a heck of a week:

My concerns over boarding were momentarily interrupted by some great news!

Our farm sold!!

Even better? The next day our offer on a new place was accepted!

Goodbye my love. It has been one heck of a ride.
I am about 90% excited for the new lifestyle in a lovely home and about 10% terrified of letting go of farm life. Luckily Manitoba winters will always come around to remind me how great it probably will feel to not be out trying to drag hay bales through three feet deep of snow in the blowing wind.

Like this. I don't like farm life in this.
So here is the new place. We take possession in a month which feels like quite a short time to pack up a whole farm full of 13 years of living.

Still a decent sized property but quite the down-size from 37 acres. Some people see lovely lawn--I see wasted space that could have been a lovely little paddock if only zoning allowed, lol.
This interruption didn't last long though. My thoughts quickly returned to trying to sort out a workable boarding situation for Shiraz. I knew I honestly could not take chances with her future health by staying at Barn#2. Potential lung damage is not something I am willing to gamble with.

But honestly, I did not want to return to Barn#1 because for what ever reason, Shiraz was spooky AF there and even though common sense was telling me it could be worked through, I just don't want to. I am ready for easier horses now. I am so done with difficult. Shiraz is generally pretty easy, but she was not even close to easy on that farm. Weird? Ya! But I don't have the interest in figuring out that mystery. Instead I decided to go back to reexamining the entire list of options. Good care/feed was a must have. I decided to schedule a visit with a few more barns knowing I will have to make compromise somewhere and I would rather it be me suffering than my horse in some way.

In this I found a barn I had excluded for two reasons: First it was just a bit above my comfort level in cost. Second, it is a hunter/jumper barn. After viewing a few different hunter/jumper barns in my initial search, I had the impression these barns would be too...well too everything. Too rigid, too clean, too many rules.

Let's see what is behind door #3
But this particular barn was a pleasant surprise. The outdoor boarding paddock was quite large, big enough to still have grass and surrounded by trees and the feed was a clean grass mix. The indoor arena was a great size, insulated and bright. The outdoor arena was a living dream; absolutely huge and surrounded by trees.

Best of all, the owner was very nice, laid back enough to be very approachable yet concerned and knowledgeable enough that I felt he cared about running things well and providing good care for the horses. The grounds were in a state of renovation and the barn was well kept but not so spotless to be afraid to set foot in. (I hate super spotless barns: You know my horse is going to shit on that floor, right?!)

So here we go with Barn#3. Shiraz moves in Sunday morning :)


  1. Congratulations on the sale and finding a new solution for Shiraz!

  2. Woo lots of moves all around! Hopefully Shiraz loves the new place! I boarded Charlie at an hj place for the first few months I had him and it was very nice! Also congrats on the sale, even if it is bitter sweet!!

  3. So exciting about the home sale and purchase, congrats! That new barn sounds fantastic too :)

    1. Thank you! The new barn does seem pretty great, but i will settle for good enough at this point!

  4. Wow, that's a lot of moving! But yeah, future lung problems? No thanks. Congrats on the new digs!

    1. Thank you! at least with all the moves Shiraz has had, she is becoming more worldly? lol.

  5. What a lifestyle change for you! Everything is working out well. I am glad you are listening to Shiraz and aint nobody got time for potential long term health probs. They know better than we do in the end. Here is to fining better at barn #3! There might still be an adjustment period after all this moving and emotion, but she will definitely let you know if it is right or not.

    1. Hopefully Shiraz likes this one--I'm running out of barns to try, lol! Seriously though, it should be fine as the feeding program is great and the outdoor arena is large and quiet which is the type of space I noticed Shiraz does best in.

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