Sunday, 4 September 2016

It Happened!

Making horse-related purchases brings on all the joys
The stars aligned and this happened this weekend!!  I needed to sell my old trailer to fund the new one and amazingly I sold it in just one day of advertising.


NOT new, but new to me and definitely a step up from the Metal Beast I had. It needs a bit of work and some major cleanup inside, but I love it.

WTF is this?
The center divider comes out so if Savvy has any issues with straight load travel (she always preferred riding facing backwards in my stock trailer), then I can just take out the divider and let her pick how she wants to stand.

I should go..I have a thing.
There will be lots of practicing before our maiden voyage to lessons in a few days. Trailer travel brings out all the crazy anxiety in my head. I am way too good at imaging all the worst that can happen. Just thinking about it is making my stomach flip.

Wait-do I smell oats?

But hopefully Savvy will grow to love it as much as I do! There will be endless supplies of bribery inside in the form of all her favorite treats. Wonder Pony luvs her food.