Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Buying Time

Thank you all so much for your feedback. Man, did it ever feel better just typing my woes and reading different views of the situation.

For now I am going to stay put (paid for board until the end of May so giving myself that window of reflection) and see what I can learn about the extent of this issue. I have asked the previous BO if I can come back for June 1st, so that is in place if that is what I decide.

I took Shiraz for a hand walk down the path directly off Shiraz's new paddock. It heads right into the park and to the xc course.
I talked to the BO and he was very kind and open about what he knew of it--that two of the horses had longstanding chronic issues but more had only started coughing just this spring. A vet was out and suggested the very dry spring we are having is increasing dust in general plus there could be a pollen component. He described his hay feeding practice and was not open to watering down the hay as there were just too many horses/hay piles and he could not add that to his chores.

Heading further into the park the path lined with wood shavings much of the way.
I am considering buying a watering can (no hoses reach that back paddock) and watering down the hay piles in Shiraz's paddock when I am there, with the BO's permission. Would that be securing my position as that boarder? Probably? Do I care as long as my mare has less dusty hay when possible? Nope.

For now, we are loving the location.

Next time I may try riding this path. Hopefully I can coordinate going with some other riders.
I am dreading the deadline of telling either new place I am leaving or old place that I am not coming back after all. Either way a bridge will probably be burned.  


  1. Fingers crossed that there is a good resolution for you two

  2. man for some reason my feed reader keeps dropping your updates. grrr. i'll see it on the list but then it disappears and i end up late to the post!! :(

    anyways tho. yea. buying a little time seems like a solid plan. hopefully the extra time brings a little clarity to your mind on which situation is really the best choice for you and Shiraz, independently of what others may wish or choose for you. i read once that if we're struggling with indecision, we should flip a coin for ourselves. and.... if we don't like the coin flip result, then maybe we weren't so undecided after all ;) good luck!

  3. As you know I know nothing about horses. I was doing a crossword this afternoon and it asked something about horses and I had to cheat and look in the answers. But I do love your pictures and reading all about your beautiful creatures.

  4. This is such a frustrating situation to be in. It's so hard to balance a horse's mental happiness with their physical well being. No barn is ever perfect, and trying to pick the least bad can be so hard. I hope you are able to resolve this without burning any bridges. I hate, hate, hate round bales and am convinced that that's how Ozzy got EPM. I have seen horses who move to a new barn and are instantly happier (and vice versa). Are there any options for you other than old barn or current barn?

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