Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Back To Regular Scheduled Programming

Winter really cramped my style there for a while.

Sweet face camouflages all the 'tude. <3 

December: Nada.

January: Phfftt. Too cold.

February: A little influenza/upper respiratory infection with Savvy meant needing to hold back on how much work we could do.

March is being good to me; new saddle, nice weather, happy horse and lessons not being cancelled due to snow storms or other random annoying real-life occurrences.

So far we seem back on track to regular work which means back to some seriously fun canter practice! We have only cantered a couple of times this year so far. The goal mostly is to get her feeling comfortable with the whole idea of cantering with a rider more than just a half a circle, as well as establishing the cue and improving the response to it. There has been no attempt at bucking since the first few canters last fall, which is awesome.

Someday canter will just be another working gait, like no big deal.  But for now, squeeee!


  1. omg she is so stinkin cute i could just squeeeeeeze her! yay for getting back at it!!

  2. Yay canter, too cute! March has been a good month for me too...also working on cantering haha :)

    1. Yes, I'm totally in the same boat! Hahaha! My last horse was a run-away freight train, so pushing for more canter is kind of a new problem for me too!

  3. Winter is always hard. But spring means the return to regular riding -- HUZZAH!