Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Exciting news!

I have made a little purchase. No, I cannot afford to get myself those fleece-lined rubber boots I will soon need when all this snow melts and I haven't paid my cell phone bill in full, possibly ever...but I can make this happen somehow.

Here is a hint...
Wha?! Oh?!    Yes.

The colour of said purchase made the search frustratingly limited, but was of the utmost importance because, well...I have my horse's spots to match, don't ya know.

I started scanning local tack for sale, but my search ballooned ever outward until I was actually considering an option as far away as Australia. It seemed the combination of my limitations (with budget being the largest barrier) was going to make the search seem futile.

So I decided to give up the search for a bit, but the habit of searching all available adds was strong and I found myself still taking a peek now and then.

And there it was! My colour. My size. Hopefully Savvy's size. In my price range. In my feck'n  province!

So I emailed the seller and what do you is the girl I see every Wednesday at my lesson barn.

Lesson learned. Tell horse people you are looking for a saddle.

Welcome to my life, Keiffer <3
Someone hand me my champagne. I think I can Grand Prix now.


  1. ha what an awesome coincidence!! beautiful saddle - hope you both get a lot of love out of it!!

    1. It was such great luck! I really hope it works out for Savvy. My old saddle was great for her, but just too old and disgusting for showing in, and did not favors for me. The sweat marks looked completely even. I don't know. Changing saddles is stressful!

    2. ugh tell me about it. i strongly dislike the whole process haha! but if the final result is a gorgeous perfectly-hued dressage saddle? then it's all worth it, right? ;)

  2. Wow! Looks lovely, great find :)

    1. Thanks! It's definitely the fanciest saddle I've ever owned! To my hubby's dismay, I am keeping it in the house instead of the tack shed...:)