Monday, 22 June 2015

Trying all the things

This past weekend I signed up for a Distance Riders clinic and intro ride. I am so delusional.

What the pros look like.
Me.   Stop laughing.

In the morning clinic we were without horses and we learned about the sport and went over what is involved in the vet checks when starting and coming in from a loop. It was very interesting to learn about all my horse's vitals and how to take them.

About half way in my brain started to realize that the afternoon ride was not going to be a relaxing trail ride in the park...just will be great...

Miss Tea is a bit of a princess. She grew up in a rectangle pasture with level ground and no trees.

And she is not exactly...agile...princess can trip like no other over a pebble.

But we did it! Baby girl went through that bush like a bull in a china shop! She stumbled her way over fallen twigs, wavered and wiggled her way in and out of deep horse trails, spooked at fallen trees and boulders. I'm so proud of her for staying up on all fours! lol... Special baby.

Needless to say, this sport is challenging and stuff like conditioning is necessary. And an agile horse might be a good start too.

Hey, I had fun and my horse seemed pretty into it, so I call it a win!


  1. what fun! i would love to try one of these clinics eventually. my mare is theoretically 'surefooted' (at least that's what they say about arabs) but she's usually too distracted by eeeeeting allll the things to pay attention to where her feet go lol

    1. I could totally see Izzy eating up this sport (along with the grass)!