Friday, 26 June 2015

Savvy goes to school

I am on cloud nine! Savvy girl had her very first official riding lesson in an indoor arena.

This is the arena we were headed to - so lovely and bright!

So many what ifs were in my head. Would she be okay in the indoor arena? Would I even be able to get on her for our lesson? Would I live? (haha..ha...of course I new I'd be fine. Emergency dismount is my specialty after all.)

When I arrived coach was so lovely and helpful. She made sure all gates were open and didn't rush me. I saddled up at my trailer and headed into the arena to hand walk Savvy around and let her take it all in.

Coach had another rider scheduled to ride with us to help Savvy feel a bit more secure. While I waited for her to saddle up, I had plenty of time to just chill and walk snorty girl around.

always cute

Finally it was time to get on and when I sat in the saddle I was happy to find a quiet pony under me. She is still learning about standing still for mounting and did a great job of it!

Off we went and she felt fabulous. I concentrated on holding the reins with loose contact and just focused on quiet forward movement. When ever I lost her attention I would quietly ask her head back to forward and then back to loose rein.

Before I knew it, we were doing trot exercises. She took it all in stride, but ended up getting tired and I actually had to use my crop now and then to encourage her on, but in her defence it was soooo hot and I don't think I ever trotted her that long all at once before.

practicing trot circles the day before our outing

It all went so well and visions of dressage piaffes and passage are dancing in my head! I have trained horses before, but every time when I reach that moment where I can see it - that moment of "Yes! This horse is becoming a riding horse!" I am always humbled and amazed by a horse's willingness to listen, learn and try for us.

I can't wait for next week's lesson!

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  1. that arena is so pretty! glad Savvy was a good girl for her first lesson there - sounds exciting :D