Monday, 29 June 2015

All in the family

Kidlets and ponies and shows, oh my!

Showmanship Halter Class

My son has been in a few shows before this one, but it would be my daughter's first show.

We entered PeeWee showmanship halter class and lead line riding for 8 and under.

I entered a couple of English flat classes and loved the experience of not giving a darn how they went. I was basically using them as a warm-up for Miss Tea so I would be assured she would be good for hubby and my son in the lead line class.

My son placed first in halter class and my daughter placed third.

I then had my English pleasure class which went well, followed by English equitation (which was a pattern) and then Hunter Hack.

This actually really happened!

I was a bit surprised Hunter Hack was also a pattern and had two jumps it - a cross rail and then a massive-looking vertical. Strangely enough, I did not get nervous and Miss Tea did it perfectly.

Then our final class was the lead line. I led my daughter on our rogue pony and hubby had our son on Miss Tea. (It was also hubby's first class ever!! sqee!)

Pony dashed a bit and my daughter fell off, but I scooped her up, plopped her back on and carried on! She sounded excited when she said "That was my first time falling off!" and did fine for the rest of the class. 

All the little riders in the class tied for first of course, and received a fun bag of treats and toys along with their ribbon.

It all went so well, we might to it again at a different show next weekend!



  1. aww this is so stinkin cute!!! major congrats to the kidlets for such a great show! and also - way to go you for making nice work of that vertical in your hunter hack!!! you guys look great!

  2. I haven't done hunter hack in years, but it always had two jumps in my 4H time. Glad you had a good experience!