Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Friday night out on the town

I have been keeping a promise I made to myself a few months back.

Sweet little Savvy is a superstar waiting for her chance to shine and I made it a goal to get this pony trained and out to events this summer.

I have been riding her at home and she has been such a treat to work with.

I heard about a CWHA (Canadian Western Horsemanship Association) show in town close by that was on this weekend and realized this would be a great first step in getting out and seeing how she handles it.
Where have you taken me human?!

My plan was to take her to the show grounds the evening before the show and do a warm-up in the more relaxed atmosphere with the few horses/competitors who had come early as well.

She does not trailer well--after an 8-minute ride there she was soaked with sweat (literally running down her legs, sweat!). She was a bit nervous coming off, but I walked her around and let her eat grass and she was manageable.

Taking it all in and being generally awesome
Once she was dry, I saddled her up and headed for the arena. There were only about 3 other riders in there and it was a perfect warm summer evening. Very relaxing atmosphere for sure!

After ground work and showing her all the things, I hopped on and had no troubles walking and trotting in a relaxed loose rein.

Relaxed enough I could take this pic!

She surprised me for sure! I love this pony and
can't wait to see how far we get together this summer.

I decided not to go back for the real show (just a very busy weekend with real life going on), but I definitely felt like she would have been fine for it!

There is a dressage clinic/fun show in July. I have signed up to go with Miss Tea, but now I am thinking about changing to Savvy for this...

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  1. aw Savvy looks so sweet and relaxed about it all! what a good girl, can't wait to hear more about her progress!