Monday, 8 June 2015

Rockstar 2' Jumper = My Miss Tea!!

If you have been following my journey as I timidly have been sticking my toes in the water of the weird and wonderful world of "Hunter Jumper Land", you may be aware of just how scary/exciting/difficult/impossible I have been finding this sport.

Canter has been a long-term challenge for me and my horse, but hey, I seem to enjoy challenges.

Well deserved grass after an incredible ride.
We have had two schooling shows so far this year and this past weekend was our first "real" show.
I went in a halter class first thing in the morning, but my first riding class was not to be until after lunch and I spent the entire morning hiding from poring rain. I had no riding warm up time because I was not interested in getting soaked, but literally when I put on the saddle the rain stopped! Hallelujah.

There were tons of puddles in the arena and even though Miss Princess Hooves doesn't like water, I managed to get her trotting through them.

The first class was cross rails which I trotted around successfully like the badass rider I am! So much fun, but not really pushing myself here.

The next was 2' and I convinced myself I was going to canter the whole course.

About a quarter of the way in I realized I was doing it, and not only that, but pushing hard and cantering through puddles and deep sand and attacking each fence feeling %#$@&^* AWSOME!! Not very hunter-like, but holly hell fun!!

I wish there had been video. The smile on my face was so big coming out! That right there was what I have been dreaming about for the past 8 years with this horse. I love what she gave me in that class and I love what I pushed myself to do. 

Our next scheduled event is something completely different--a distance riding clinic at the park.  We have been going hard since April with arena work. I think a trail ride might do us both some good!


  1. yay congratulations!!!!! i LOVE that feeling where you suddenly become kinda self aware, like 'wow we're really doing this and this is awesome!'. have fun at the distance riding clinic too!