Tuesday, 20 June 2017

June Derby Recap - Dressage

I left derby day just beat. So exhausted.

So disappointed, yet happy, thrilled even, all of the feelings.

I came into the weekend expecting it to be like the last one - a fun, doable challenge. It was not that at all.

New course designer - completely different challenges. So many more larger obstacles.

But let's start at the beginning. Dressage.

Pre-test smiles
I kept my promise to myself: Show up early, get ready early and warm up really well for dressage. Savvy was very amped up and we certainly needed time to loosen up. I got tons of fantastic stretchy trot and over-tracking walk after about 15 minutes of work. Then canter; good transition, a bit unwilling to stay in gait. Trying again resulted in bucking. Hmmph. More trying, more bucking. Back to trotting and stretching to get this new funk out of her before our turn and a lot of mental work in my own mind to try to forget the bucking happened.

My turn to go--spooked at storage trailer beside ring. Spooked entire way along bush beside one side of ring. Prayed judge would not honk her horn for me to go as I was walking past her car. Finally time to head in.

Entry Test #1:

1. A enter working trot. Proceed down centre line without halting. Track right.

What really happened: We entered working trot, wiggled left. wiggled right. Four-leg-stop-spook-snort at a patch of dirt just past X. Carried on, tracked right.

2. B circle right 20m diameter working trot.

Nope. Forgot to circle. Carried on at trot down to A. Judge honked horn. I thought I was eliminated and started to leave. Judge called me back and told me my mistake. Started over from centre line near X at working trot. This time circled at B and it was decent.

3. Between F and A develop working canter.

Or not if you don't want to Savvy. Oh, three strides of canter? Thanks so much for participating pony.

4. A circle right 20 m diameter working canter.

Oh right, canter. Let's try again. A few more strides and at least the right lead. Good pony. Now where on earth were we supposed to go next...?

5. Between K and E develop working trot.

Already there bitches. We are so on point.

6. C medium walk.

*kick,kick,kick*  "F*$&#ing keep walking PONY!!" - side eye to see if judge's window is rolled down...oh, thank god it is up. <Savvy pins ears at me for daring to ask her to keep walking>

7. MXK change rein free walk on a long rein. Between K and A medium walk.

March pony! We are going to get across this box today. *so many more swear words...*

8. A working trot.

Doing the trot. No smiles, just want it to be over. Savvy half trying, half looking for escape routes.

9. B circle left 20 m diameter working trot.

Done and done.

10. Between M and C develop working canter left lead.

Running in to canter, got it!

11. C circle 20 m working canter. 

Keep going, keep going! <Savvy humps back and pins her ears> please don't buck, I will give you carrots if you just friggen canter, good girl! oh crap...trotting.

12. Between H and E develop working trot.

Ya, we know.

13. A down centre line. X Halt salute.

Thank god it is over.

The judge was SO generous. (I love you judge, thank you for being so kind, xoxo).

She never even mentions my swearing <3
At this point in the day I discovered Savvy was in heat. Her sides were very touchy, she was so distracted, emotional and crabby, and her answer to everything was "no". Not exactly the horse I needed for the challenges to come, but I am nothing if not optimistic at this point!


  1. Yikes about her being touchy and in heat which resulted in challenges, but it seems like you handled it very well!

    1. I certainly had to just make the best of it and keep on going, but I really wish I had a better handle on the the foul language--I think any form of talking to your horse is frowned upon in dressage? :)

  2. this........ wow. this is the freakin best thing i've read since, gosh. probably since your epic bingo story!!

    "Already there bitches. We are so on point." LO-F*ing-L

    WE ARE "DOING THE TROT"!!!!! omgggggg haha dying of laughter over here. mostly tho bc yea... ugh. i've ridden that test before. every few weeks it seemed like suddenly isabel would be.... just not herself and kinda blah. took me a while to figure out that pattern...

    anyway nice job sticking with it, looking forward to reading about the jumping (WE ARE DOING THE JUMPING, YES?)

    1. also tho that's a pretty great comment from the judge!

    2. You bet we are DOING THE JUMPING!! Kind of, mostly? :)

  3. Mares! Sheesh. I look forward to reading about jumping.

    1. So many emotions, and so many ways to express them. :P

  4. Judge's comments were awesome. Sometimes it's just not your day.On to the jumping! :)

    1. I really appreciated her comments--it would be nice to actually achieve some of that potential though!

  5. I died laughing at the commentary, but you should be proud - you guys went out and did the thing :)

    1. I was just so happy that not a lot of people were around to see my test. But really there is always a next time to do better!

  6. This made me laugh- it should be published!

    1. There is always an up side. The test may have gone so badly but I can laugh at myself and hope for better next time!

  7. Nice judges comments. It sounds like it was just not your day and the heat thing does not help.

    1. It was challenging but at least it wasn't raining? :)

  8. Gotta love managing a mare in heat :| You guys did your best, and it sounds like the judge saw a lot of potential :)

  9. Love both your comments and the judge's! Keep it up! Part of it is working through moments like these!

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