Thursday, 15 June 2017

Dedication, or Lack Thereof?

I am trying to prepare this week for the weekend derby. The weather has other plans though. It just keeps raining.

Grey skies, windy days and frisky ponies. At least they are exercising themselves?
Although practicing in the rain is smart, looking out my window trying to spot my horse hiding in the shelter from the downpour, I am finding that the balls to go saddle up in it seem to be missing.

Hahaha, not me.
And then when it is not raining (we seem to be getting brief windows of sunshine before another heavy cloud opens upon us) my arena is mostly tilled dirt or grass and very slippery. I have ridden at these times, mostly running through my dressage test at a walk and imagining in my head where trot and canter should be. But I have only lunged any faster gaits because I know what it feels like to be on a horse that slips and falls, and my knee with a torn meniscus will always remember.

The great news is I am not terribly worried. It is what it is. Really, Savvy is becoming a pretty dependable beast these days and a week off of serious riding or jumping isn't going to hurt us too much for the derby. Although I really wanted to give our best effort in dressage this time.

While Shiraz and Meyla have covered themselves in mud head to hoof, Savvy has stayed so clean. She knows how it would hurt my soul...shit, now that I have typed this I bet she is rolling...
I am told the footing at Birds Hill holds up really well in the rain as it is mostly sand everywhere so I am only mildly freaking out about not having shoes with studs on Savvy for the wet ground. Still, I am betting I will be riding cautiously if I feel any slipping.

How much do you want to bet it will be raining during my dressage test on Sunday? :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Rain or shine, I'm really looking forward to it. :)

  2. If it rains, think of it as an advantage because you're used to riding in it! You wouldn't believe how many people around here have less than their best tests at shows on rainy days because they never go out and ride in it at home and their horse is like "?!we don't work in this!?" :)

    1. I am definitely a confirmed weany about rain, but fingers crossed that won't be an issue on Sunday!

  3. Eeee so excited about this weekend! And I definitely know how you feel about being bleh about weather. We usually buck up for lessons but then again my typical lesson arena has this amazing plain Jane sand footing that somehow is basically always perfectly fine unless it's frozen. So like.... That helps haha. Bc yea, ain't nobody want a slip and fall! Hopefully you can get some saddle time soon tho!!

    1. Me too! Knowing what to expect this time around is making it even more exciting because I know we can do the thing and can just focus on trying our best and having fun!