Thursday, 14 July 2016

Whine and cheese party for one

Many things are just getting to me and the overall feeling I am dragging around, chained to my foot is saddness and disappointment even though I should be grateful for all the good things. Sigh.

First of all, rain. It hasn't stopped in over a month. Everything is always wet. My arena is a mess. The paddocks are slop. I am sick of curly hair.

Second, trailer. My trailer is shit and I have spent a few years denying this, but really, it is shit. Nothing dangerous, but an ever so slightly bent axil has resulted in many flat tires because they wear unevenly. I am too broke to buy more tires, not to mention a new trailer. I am feeling just done with it and dream of pushing it off a cliff or something.

Or this. I would love to do this to my trailer.

Finally, dressage shows. They are expensive. I haven't done a single show this year. My first event is July 23 and 24, and even though it is more of a clinic (ride a test like it is a show then be evaluated by the judge and mini lesson) I am calling it a show in my head. There are many dressage riders that train exclusively and never show. I just cannot comprehend. I love the excitement of show day--everything about it--all the prep and packing, cleaning up my pony, that rush of excitement first entering the ring, and the focus and drive to be my absolute best in this one moment.


So after half a summer of getting it done and looking on the bright side of things, I need to stop and have myself a pitty party. Hopefully it is a short event. The rain can't go on forever (can it?!!), I will get more tires somehow and maybe I will have to open my mind up to hunter show flat classes for my fix in the future--at least those are affordable and there are more of them to choose from.


  1. Hey, I'll join in. I had a BLAST showing C last summer and we won so many cool ribbons, but this summer he's been a trainwreck and just when we started to get life figured out, I lost my job and couldn't show. Now I've missed all the summer shows.


  2. I love showing too. it's frustrating when you can't!

  3. Pity party! I'll join in. At least it's not raining here.

  4. Nothing wrong with hunter under saddle shows for some mileage and show thrills. Hope it all gets better or at least stops raining...

  5. With you all the way on the need to show. I like to clean up my girl, and take her out. There's nothing like having to perform under pressure, and to know that yes, there has been progress.
    But the cost.
    Oh, don't get me started.
    My blog is all about Dressage On a Dime, so I shouldn't really be showing AT ALL... Well, Sunday I'll go anyway. Then probably nothing for a very long time.
    Not that it will make you feel any better at all, but I don't even own a trailer :)
    Hunter under saddle shows... How much are those classes?

  6. god that first sentence.... i know exactly how you feel. really truly. i relate. ugh.

    and hunter shows are definitely fun - sometimes even more so to go to a show that isn't really "your sport" bc it's a little more liberating to really enjoy it and get the most out of it. oh and i also definitely consider the 'fix a test' dressage tests as shows. bc YOU STILL GET RIBBONS!!!! BOOM.

    but anyway tho, yea i feel ya. hopefully the rain stops soon!

  7. Ugh I feel you. This year has been one of the toughest of my life so far. Hope things turnaround soon :)