Monday, 18 January 2016

2016 - Ready! Or better titled: Go away winter, no one wants you.

Studies have shown writing down goals greatly increases your likelihood of achieving them, or at least acting on them so this year I am creating a bit of an 'action plan'.

With three horses and two other people (kidlets) to plan for, writing it all down will help me organize what events can be done.  I also think it will give me an idea of whether I am being realistic in terms of financial and time commitment.

All of this year's dressage shows are at the location of our initial dressage attempt last year - loved it.


1. May 28 & 29 - Dressage Winnipeg Memorial Bronze and Gold Competition
  • Walk/Trot test: Get comfortable with show atmosphere; complete test and stay in the sandbox!
2. June 25 & 26 - Capt. DeKenyeres Memorial Bronze and Gold Competition
  • Training level test: Focus on relaxation
3. Aug 6 & 7 - MidSummer Madness Bronze and Gold Competition
  • Training level test: Focus on accuracy and timing; expect a bit more from myself and Savvy
4. Sept 10 & 11 - Autumn Classic B&G/Manitoba Provincial Championships
  • Moving up a level or more training level?
Hopefully more of this.

1. June 17 & 18 - Relationship Based Horsemanship Clinic
  • Her first road trip/event. My goal: shut up, listen, take notes. Shiraz: behave, don't hurt anyone.
And a lot more of this!
1. April to Oct. - 4-H meetings and weekly riding practices
  • Kids learning confidence in pony handling, tacking up and riding.
2. June 4 & 5 - Stonewall Horse Show
  • Both Kidlets entered in classes of their choosing (and I get to enjoy the role of show mom) :)
3. July - Selkirk Horse Show
  • Encourage kidlets to take on as much responsibility as is safe - pony care and cleaning at show.
4. August - Undecided show location
  • Continue working on confidence and independence.
I think all of this is realistic (although the dressage entry fees have not been posted yet, so cost may or may not be an issue). I am hoping to add in plenty of simple, fun adventures as well like trail riding and small schooling shows where I can pretend to be things like a barrel racer or hunter/jumper princess for the day. The more Savvy experiences, the better all-round grownup horse she will become. Who knows, I might even try this mounted archery thing that I have been hearing about! How much fun does that look!?!


  1. Fun, realistic goals! Hope you get out there and achieve them. :-)

    1. Thanks! There is so much to look forward to this year - it's going to be fun. :)

  2. Sounds like lots of good times to come! Can't wait

  3. i like it! hopefully everything unfolds as well as or better than expected!

    1. Thanks! Ya, you never know with life and horses what to expect. :)