Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Two smiling kids and a pony named Buttons

My daughter meeting the adorable Buttons for the first time - perfect little pony!
I finally secured lessons for the kidlets at a local arena!

We do have horses right in our back yard, but none are kid safe yet. Our pony Silver needs some more work. So this would be their first time taking the reins and not being led around.
My son's trusty mount, Kojo

My son was right in there with a huge smile and ready to go. My daughter was a bit more cautious about the whole thing.

After a bit of instruction on how to turn, stop, back up and of course how to do an emergency stop, they were off to wander as best they could!

My daughter had a bit of a hard time getting the whole steering thing down. Patient little buttons just calmly plodded around and sometimes listened to my little girl's confusing signals.

By the end, my son was really figuring things out and mostly taking his horse where he was hoping to go.

You don't even know how happy this makes me! I want to be a good mom and support them in their interests, what ever that may be and not push them into anything they don't like (but I really, really want them to get the riding bug!!)


  1. omg so cute!!! i love those little bombproof lesson ponies, and hope your kids catch an incurable case of the pony bug too :)

    1. I know right?! I want to bring Buttons home!

  2. So adorable! They'll be just like us in no time! Perhaps though maybe the older and younger switched in the speed and daring department! ;)lol

  3. This makes my heart melt <3