Sunday, 12 April 2015

Outdoor is dry!!

There is officially 6 days left before my first show of the season.

Prep for this has been a true struggle. First of all, my knee injury really knocked my confidence that I could do this. Miss Tea is not exactly an easy ride and had a pretty big winter break. She has a strong tendency towards bucking at the canter if not kept in constant work.

Miss Tea as a 7-month-old, back when all of the "show" business was just a future dream. <3

 Second, weather. Ugh. Stupid slippery snow (from which my knee was injured in the first place) then on to slippery mud in my outdoor arena at home. Trailering over to my coach's arena was my only option (fabulous but expensive).

This weekend my outdoor arena at home was finally dry enough to ride! Oh my god, it was so wonderful to just work on things at home. We cantered and there was no bucking and I even started popping over a little half cross rail.


I will continue with trotting over poles and looking for the soft canter on correct lead after the cross rails. I am so pleased with how she is going right now! She has a tough time in spring with the whole being a mare thing, but everything seems manageable at the moment.

My goal for this show is to just take in the Hunter/Jumper experience and give Miss Tea some exposure to a new venue over some very tiny cross rails and loads of flat classes. I'm starting to get excited about this! :)


  1. yay for spring and dry arenas!!! good luck at the show :D

    1. Thanks! I can't believe how nervous I am. I keep having dreams that everyone there has fancy warmbloods and are horrified to see me and my hairy little quarterhorse in the show! :(