Monday, 27 October 2014

Hear comes honey bee bee

This weekend I attended Diversity Horsemanship's Halloween Fun Show. It was a perfect way to wrap up an incredible year of hard work, successes, fails and progress. I came away from this show with a better idea of where Miss Tea and I are at, and I feel I can move forward with a more clear plan of what I would like to work on for the future.

I started the day off with Hunter Line class (for those of you who say what the heck is that like I did, it is a hunter course with rails on the ground to show how good your lines are and horse's way of going, etc.)

Boom! First class, first place...can you say "sqeeeee"!
Then Hunter Cross off course. Boo.

Jumper Cross Rails was hot mess because cantering a course is still new to us, but oh so fun! That was followed by Hunter 2' and Jumper 2' where we both improved and managed to squeeze in an 8th placing and a 4th.
Super gorgeous pony being very brave for me over the "severed hands" Halloween jump 
We then had the Hunter Flat class that was huge! I think there were around 16 or 17 horses in it! And I got 2nd!!!!! VERY PROUD OF MY PONY!!!

So then I got to relax and start breathing by around lunch time for the Costume Class. So much fun! There were a lot of really creative costumes to look at. My favorite was the horse dressed as a Pinata that kind of reminded me of a giant snuffaluffagus. :)

 I finished my day with an attempt at barrel racing...more like barrel trotting with a leisurely canter at the end.

This show had such a positive vibe and I was so happy to be a part of it. It was especially fun to watch good friends doing an amazing job with their horses. I'm so proud of them!

I left the day exhausted, so happy with my horse, and pretty sure I have some work to do with canter. Canter departs, lead changes, extended canter, oh ya...and my hands! Still need to work on my release.

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  1. What a fun show -- congrats on a job very well done :-)