Monday, 13 February 2017

If you try sometimes, you get what you need

But how many saddles do you need?
All of them.

Three horses = seven saddles, thats normal, right?

Most of you are quite familiar with the painful struggle of saddle shopping.

These past few months I have been faced with finding dressage and jump saddles for two horses.

I pretty much set myself up for the impossible -- find dressage and jumping saddles that fit two different horses (one of which is not done growing). But wait, I made it even more impossible -- they had to be under $500 (because this bitch is cheap and seriously, Savvy cost $300 and Shiraz was $350 so saddles being more expensive than the horse hurts my brain).  It has been a struggle but I learned a bit along the way.

Lesson One: Do NOT let the pretty cloud your judgment.

But what about Kieffer, you say? Well, I thought I had found my one true love with Kieffer, but Savvy did not agree. It was just too narrow for my plumpy little arab and she told me so with much shorter strides and an increase in attitude when using this saddle. I may have cried.

Some love stories are just not meant to last...why can't you be wider?! :'(

Lesson Two: Do NOT let other people tell you what you should get.

For the jumping saddle, I decided to go to an actual store and get something brand new. The girl convinced me I needed a size 16, even though I was kinda sure 17 was suitable. Sure enough that damn saddle is too small. Well at least my kids have a new saddle? Yaayy...

Lesson Three: Patience, and when that runs out, pure shitfaced luck. And if you have neither of the two, then more money.

Many fails later plus a bit of dumb luck I have found my saddles! (Don't even be all, you could have had a bigger budget if you hadn't wasted your money on the fails. I don't listen to that kind of common sense.)

Drum roll:

#1 - Dressage saddle found:
generic but comfortable.. :'( I miss you Kieffer! 
This was a such a freak find. I was not even 'really' saddle shopping at that particular moment. It was on a facebook group called "Saddles Under $600...In Canada...". These are my people.

It was $250 plus shipping. It needs some love but is sound and functional. Savvy likes it and I find it pretty comfortable. For the win, it also fits Shiraz.

#2 - All purpose saddle found:

It is a Thorowgood wide with changable gullet system. Test riding this saddle I was really trying to hide my excitement as I rode in it because I really wanted to talk the seller down in price. It just felt so wonderful. It was easy to two-point in (thanks Emma for that tip!) and just put me in the right spot without any effort. I also am a huge fan of the fabric that holds me better in a spook than leather ever would.

So function has won the day over form here. No fancy names or stunning good looks, but both horses are liking these choices and I am about as happy as I can be on my budget.

I am ecstatic to be done with this. So anyone looking for a narrow Kieffer dressage saddle?


  1. lol i'm definitely with you in the 'cheap saddles 4 lyfe' club... it's not glamorous but so far it's worked out pretty ok. also every time i tried to trial something fancy (or even bought something more expensive) it was a fail, so i'm pretty sure the fancier stuff still falls victim to the same issues of fit. glad you found what you needed!

    1. Thanks, I was really starting to think I would have to just hold off and save money for the right one. There is not a lot on the market in my area, so it just makes it a lot harder from the get-go.

  2. I am impressed with your finds!

    1. Thanks! I am especially pleased with the thorogood. It may not look very fancy but it is such a great fit!

  3. "Saddles Under $ Canada" hahaha- those are my people too, just in the US! Glad it all worked out for you and the beauty of used saddles is you can always resell like you will do with the Kieffer.

    1. Fingers crossed I can sell that saddle soon!

  4. Oh man I need to join that group haha! Great finds :)

    1. Its a great group that is worth keeping an eye on if you're in need of a saddle on a budget.

  5. Need all the saddles! I get that question all the many do you have? how many do you need?!

  6. Oh yeah, this is all completely normal :)