Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Holy Snow Balls!

Winter just came flying into town saying 'Yo, yo G, WASSUP?!'

Um, ugh. <face in hands>

Now it is above my knees in some spots out there and I am just loving trudging from the hay shed to the paddock with hay on the sled.

Meyla was born for this! (started growing her coat in August in preparation)
Ponies seem to be loving it though! They have been running, playing and rolling in the deep stuff and look pretty pleased to finally say goodbye to mud.

They are getting all-you-can-eat buffet of hay and extra treats to appease my guilty soul for owning horses in winter in Canada.

Water heater is working well and shelters are full of deep straw.

All the girls grew a pretty fluffy coat before this came. Not fun for riding but perfect for this weather.

I guess it is time to apply the heat gun to my cold, cold heart and break out the barnyard Christmas decorations!

Its about to get real up in here.

Anyone else deep in snow? How do you take care of your horses when the weather gets cold?


  1. We don't have the snow (yet) but it has been getting down to -27°C (without windchill) overnight. My ponies are all blanketed and on free choice hay and are totally happy.

    1. Wow! It is too soon for those temps. I hope the cold snap ends soon for you! Keeping the hay available is definitely important.

  2. They are so cute all fluffy! No snow here yet but the cold weather has arrived with some REALLY cold weather in store next week. I do heated buckets, lots of hay, and Horseware heavy weight blankets for the ponies. For myself insulated overalls for barn chores, polar fleece breeches and Mountain Horse winter dressage boots for riding. My best pair of riding gloves are Columbia ski gloves that are just the bomb...

    1. Aren't insulated overalls the best?! I love my onesy - never get too cold wearing it :)