Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Schooling shows and broken bones

I'm not going to lie, its been a tough time lately but I have stayed positive and remained excited about my upcoming schooling show.

I had posted about getting kicked but I hadn't mentioned the bruise that showed up on my hand following the incident. I thought nothing of it because it was just a bruise. My hand must have gotten in the way at some point of Savvy's hoof connecting with my face, but it was fine.

Well, that is up until the lesson I was so proud of attending later that week. After riding that day, the bruise reappeared and so the next day I had a visit with my doctor, an x-ray and the diagnosis of two broken bones in my hand.

You would think that would be enough for me to cancel my show plans, but no, I still felt up to it with my hand brace on so was intent on going.

Savvy seriously had other plans. Yesterday, dear Savvy presented with hind leg held high, hobbling around in pain acting like she thought this might be the end for her.

I believed her until the vet showed up and found not broken bones, but a brewing abscess in her right hind foot.

Standing on offending foot the next morning, clearly not dying.

The same foot she had kicked me with.

Karma much my little wonder pony?

Needless to say, the schooling show is officially a no-go.


  1. That is about the definition of Karma! Hope you both heal up soon.

  2. Yikes! These horses. I've got two abscesses in my world right now!

  3. oh man i got worried seeing this post's title! glad it's not worse, tho take care of that hand!!! also yea that abscess sounds a lot like karma.... sheesh horse!

  4. Oh dear- it's fated that you don't go to the show.

    But that's okay, it gives you time to get yourself healed!

  5. Oh geez, I'm sorry to hear that. Hope everyone is 100% soon!

  6. Ack! So sorry you had to cancel your show plans. Sending healing vibes your way!