Sunday, 6 December 2015

Winter Riding

Winter makes for beautiful photos
on the white wonder pony.

The temps have been amazing here for the past few days. If this were winter, I would be so down with that. 

Fancy pony knows she's fancy. ;)

Having my horses home with me is ideal in so many ways.
The daily routine of caring for them, being able to watch their shenanigans out the kitchen window or go sit with the snoozing ponies on a sunny afternoon is therapy all in itself.

Look at me half pass
with the help of my tongue...-Savvy

I love being able to step out to the backyard, grab a pony and ride.

But when I actually want to get down to work on canter transitions, frozen ground and snow equals just...nope. 

So I will continue enjoying a lot of walk/trot exercises at home and save the real work for lessons at the indoor.


  1. aww Savvy looks so beautiful in the snow!! (even if it's a total nuisance for actually getting much done...)

    1. I was so happy with the pics--we may just be toodling but at least we can look good. :P