Sunday, 1 November 2015

Redirection is always in season

I recall in a conversation with a friend of mine at the beginning of this summer that I may have said "dressage seems a bit...dull" as she was asking me if I wanted to join her at the Give-It-A-Go dressage clinic and show in July.

My thoughts were all on Miss Tea and jumping, because you know, jumping! Fun, exciting, challenging.

And then I quite accidentally met an incredible horse woman who trains horses and coaches, specializing in dressage.  I loved her perspective on horses and training. I thought getting into lessons with her would be a great help in bringing Savvy along.

Four months in and I am completely rerouted. I am hooked.

I bought the book "Dressage In Harmony" by Walter Zettl. I even intend on reading it.

I am searching for deals on white breaches.

I thought about bedazzling things. (anyone have success making their own jeweled browband? I need to talk to you.)

Like this?
Or this?
 How did this happen?! Have you ever found yourself pursuing the least expected because of a horse?


  1. haha funny how that will happen! i'm feeling similarly - only started dressage lessons last year and am so excited to keep chipping away at it. plus, ya know, it's also been super beneficial for my jumping too, and is therefore very fortunately not an either/or proposition. but bling? yes, bling everything!!!! :D

    1. Yes! dressage is fantastic for making a more adjustable jumper. I am struggling with position though! It took me forever to get a lovely half seat figured out and now I have to learn to sit all over again! I keep hearing C say "Don't tip forward." :)