Saturday, 5 September 2015

Wicked is as wicked does

Meyla the wonder pony is slowly revealing to us all her wondrous and impish traits.

What? I'm perfect.
First of all, her love of grass is surpassed by nothing. If there be grass--head be going down!

Second, she knows the difference between an adult rider and a beginner rider--and does not hesitate to take advantage.

First lesson for Aiden and Meyla was a rough start: Aiden had a really hard time getting Meyla to go. Lesson number two went better as we brought a crop. Forward movement happened. But then Meyla had an idea. How about lying down?  Yes, she did. Forget that Icelandics are supposed to be called a 'horse'. She is P.O.N.Y. through and through!

Some tears and hugs later, Aiden got back on (Yay!!) and I stayed close by for the remainder of the lesson, just in case.

My son is deep in the trenches of learning to ride on this creature. If he comes out on the other side still riding, he is going to be one hell of a horseman!


  1. Sometimes these are the best ponies - they teach endurance and persistence :) cheeky thing! Love her name :)

    1. She is definitely encouraging my son to work on his leadership skills! I was so proud of him for continuing the lesson and still loving his naughty pony. :)

  2. awww haha naughty pony! glad your son is sticking to it so far - what a great way to develop a sense of humor lol

    1. What a brat hey?! He's definitely putting in the effort to ride her as best he can--he gets a little more assertive every ride, so I think he'll get there!