Friday, 4 September 2015

First Rides on baby Shiraz

These are exciting times! Although Miss Tea is driving me mad with the struggle, there are positives in my back yard and one of them is named Shiraz. It seems like just yesterday baby horse joined my little herd. Her remarkable behavior that day I brought her home certainly set the tone for what a great horse she will be. As a 6-month-old, she stood quietly tied in the trailer while I finished preparing things in her paddock and talked with my boarders about her. Then she led off the trailer and I could lead her around lnbd.

Baby Shiraz - approximately 4 months old
Her first year here my training plan was to show her all the things, keep her respectful while still showing her people are good, but most of all just let her be a horse and get growing.

Momma - Thoroughbred/Draft/Quarter horse cross
My goal was to nourish her laid back attitude and help her stay mentally flexible. That involved moving to different paddocks, with and without a buddy and keeping her training time with me short, varied and interesting. I also took her for long hand walks and showed her my "play paddock" frequently.
Pappa - 'Rosebud Casino' - Registered Quarter Horse
Now is the exciting time to begin 'big horse' school. I can't wait to see how she handles this next step!


  1. so exciting - what a sweet little horse, hope she does well with the training!

    1. She always brightens my day and I love working with her! I actually dream of eventing with her if all goes well! :)