Saturday, 25 July 2015

Dressage Day One

We survived! Who knew a little white fence and judge shack could be so terrifying!

Lots of firsts for Savvy today:

1. Box stall! Yes, Savvy, you need to go in it. No, Savvy, the pile of shavings in the middle will not eat you. Yes, the door needs to be closed, but no, it will not move like the dreaded trailer.

2. Warm up arena! Yes, Savvy, other horses will move around. No, they won't hurt you. No, you do not need to call dramatically to each horse that leaves. Yes, you have to move around too!

3. Dressage ring! Noooo, Savvy, don't spook at the judges' booth....(hand on forehead--just carry on). Yes, corners are for turning...crap not turning...omg we are an inch away from jumping out...(hand on forehead--did I just squeak out loud?--just carry on).

Loving the sand box!
Best part -- there is a day 2!!

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  1. So many firsts haha! Love this pics and narration lol