Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Spring is in the air!

This feeling is like an electric current running from the top of my head to each finger tip and toes and it is heaven! Something amazing is happening in my back yard. Snow is MELTING, birds are SINGING! I cannot contain my joy that I have quite nearly made it through another winter!

With the melt has come the idea that yes indeed I will ride again and I want to trailer to ALL the arenas and I am compiling a list of ALL the shows I will take my girl to.

I have not done any real riding since December of last year (holy crap/how did I live without my horse) but I have been getting in horse time with my almost-2-year-old filly, Shiraz. She has been learning to lounge, yield to pressure, wear a saddle and basically hang out with me and learn her job in a horse/human relationship.

Looks mas, I cans bes a ridding horse too! -Shiraz
My first attempt at riding Miss Tea last week ended in a bit of an injury for me. My girl was so amazing for not being ridden in so long and as I was just riding along, beaming from ear to ear on our awesomeness, she suddenly slipped in the snow and went down so hard, we both had the wind knocked out of us. She then got up slowly and proceeded to just stand there while I rolled around on the ground, lamenting over the unbelievable pain coming from my knee. Shock got me through to get her put away and get myself to the house. I called hubby and begged him to come home early from work and either put me out of my misery with compassionate euthanization or magically make me better with his love. :P

But not even injuries can dampen my spirits these days with warm temps and that incredible smell of horses in spring time. This is going to be a great year with Miss Tea!

Say wha? I am going where and doing what? Haha! we'll see ;) -Madam T.


  1. oh no - sorry you two took a spill! hopefully you're knee is back in action soon! i'm pretty excited about spring too - and our arena might actually (*gasp*) be usable tonight!!!!

    1. Yes, it is a very annoying time to have an injury. It is so beautiful outside I would love to be riding, but hopefully soon my knee will improve! Enjoy your arena time!