Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sleepless in show season

This is the time of year a lot of us are thinking about all the shows we are hoping to go to this year, filling out entry forms and writing a lot of cheques. When the first entry form of the year showed up in my email forwarded from a friend I was thrilled (Shows!! Right?).

Now I have a stack of show entry forms with the first show being 33 days away.

33 days away!

I haven't ridden all winter, and the one time I was on, I got hurt. Badly. I still can't bend my knee.

But this is what I do. Eternal optimist or simply a total fool.

Seriously though, this first show really is a unique opportunity that will allow me to show at a venue that I have always wanted to go to and it offers a lot of flat classes which I know I can totally handle (if my knee can by then), no matter what brain comes with my horse that day. I am entering two jumping classes: X-rail Hunter and 2'0" Hunter.

I emailed my entry yesterday, and last night I had my first sleepless night of the show season.


  1. ahhh so exciting!!! i really truly hope your knee is feeling better by then (bc knee pain is the pits...). sounds like a great season opener - good luck!!

    1. Thanks! I know right? Really I am so excited to have a chance to show at this place--even if it ends up being only flat classes.

  2. How exciting! My first show is 49 days away -- eeek!!