Thursday, 11 December 2014

Miss Tea's Christmas Wish List

Contrary to what my mom says, I am a simple horse. I don't want that many things...

But there are a few items that would be nice to see Christmas morning!

So I have made a list:

1. I want a new moving box of death. You know those things. Yet get in, mom closes door, (shake-shake-shake) and POOF! You're somewhere different. I hear from my friends there are nicer, quieter, less shaky ones.
My blender on wheels.
How about this mom! Then we can see each other while we shake-shake-POOF!
Well, mom says that doesn't exist in Canada (whatever Canada is) so hooves crossed for anything better.

2. Now this one I know my mom can do. My mom helped me learn all my human/horse manners and I think I am quite a good girl. Now how about mom shows my sister some of these manners? Really, she is such a brat. Now I love her and all, but she just doesn't know when to quit!
Out of my space, sis!

I said MOVE!

Such a pain in the hindquarters.
Please mom! Give her some lessons!

3. My next wish would be for a large bowl of scrumptious, mouth-watering, brain-exploding OATS!

Mom won't let me near the stuff! She says it makes my brain fall out. But, just. one. bowl!!

4. My last item (yes, just four things. I told you I was easy to please!) is kind of for both me and my mom. You see, sometimes she's scared. I know she tries to hide it, but I can tell. My wish is for her to be brave and trust us. When she's brave, I feel like I can do anything and it feels so great! So mom, like our T says, "Ride me like you stole me!".


  1. shake-shake-POOF - i love it lol!!! and yea, being brave and trusting is on my wish list too... good luck!!

    1. We're getting there! As long as we keep aiming for the mark, we are sure to progress!

  2. I love #4! Sometimes you really do have to ride like you stole it!